Technological innovation covers all the main areas of surface treatments. High productivity, high repeatability and result consistency are now essential pre-requirements for system manufacturers.  Today the challenge is based on aspects such as: reducing consumption, atmospheric emissions abatement, operator safety, research into more resistant and durable materials, continuous filtration methods, flexible automation and, above all, greater integration between knowledge and technology.  This is industry 4.0 of the future. The range of solutions that TRITON develops is constantly evolving, and our design office is able to create customised solutions that allow to integrate our machines in existing work islands or production lines, thanks to the use of automation systems such as: manipulators, conveyors, pick-and-place, Scara or anthropomorphic robots. Finally, we have recently introduced a new range of highly automated solutions for the deburring of parts in aluminium, cast iron and steel; these are modern systems intended for technologically advanced fields such as the automotive and aerospace industries.